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How to Get a Girl to Like You



Are you one of the lucky few guys that women like? Do women find you attractive and are always lining up just to have a chance to be with you and talk to you? If you are then, you are truly one of the very few guys.

The rest of the guys are really struggling to get a woman to like them, to really give them the time of day. And if that’s you, it’s ok. Any guy can learn the tricks and strategies that make a woman attracted to you and actually excited to talk to you, to the point where she will want to get your attention.

Here are a few things to . . .

Get a Girl to Like You

Complimenting Her

Compliments when used appropriately and at the right time can really help you to a woman’s heart. It is something that is extremely simple to do, and unfortunately  very few guys can do it well enough to have the desired results. Now, I am not talking about sexual compliments that are just too much and too often, to the point where she feels uncomfortable, like “You are soo sexy” or compliments that are strictly about her physical being like “you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen”. She probably gets compliments like that and those kind of compliments will not get you far.

I am talking about complimenting her on something that she is wearing, like her necklace, or noticing her beautiful hair style. The very best way to get compliments to work for you is to compliment her on something that has to do with her personality. something like her sense of humour. Now, keep the compliments to a minimum, otherwise you will definitely creep her out.

The way to her heart

Girls are very close to their friends, and most often than not, the best friends have to sign off on guys that the girl considers to have a relationship with. So,if you want to win her heart, you have to win her friends over. If they like you, you will have a better chance to be with her and for her to allow you in her life. So, do make an effort to impress her friends and be in their good books, because if you do, you are halfway in.

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It’s really about her

Some guys tend to forget that when they are trying to get a girl, a lot of it has a lot to do with how she feels about herself. They are trying so hard to show her that they are charming, they have a great job, they have money and all those things, and they forget that sometimes all a woman wants is a guy who will make her feel special. You need to make her feel valued, understood, beautiful and special, and this you can do without even being the richest guy or the most handsome. If you can make her feel great about herself, she will really like you.

Getting a girl to like you does not take much, but you just have to know the subtle tricks that will make her smile and let her know that you are a great guy for her.

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