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Google Releases Most Searched Topics in 2015 in South Africa


South African Top Google Searches of 2015

Google Releases Most Searched Topics in 2015 in South Africa

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Google has released a list of top searches in 2015 for South Africa. Technically, this list defines what had been in people’s minds this year. Google, a global tech giant, processes two-thirds of all yearly searches. Believe me, this culminates into trillions of requests.

Based on the current Google search analysis, a lot had been in South Africans’ minds. The overall South African concern was load-shedding. Well, when power demands supersedes the grid’s supply, load-shedding becomes indispensable. Load-shedding topped the list of entire South African Google searches, and that is no surprise, as it can get quite chaotic without electricity.

In the personality ranks, Nkululeko Habedi was the most searched person this year. Habedi was a top ranking hip hop artist. He was murdered, in March, at his home by his girlfriend Sindisiwe Manqele. Fondly known as “Flabba”, Mzansi was pretty shocked at the Skwatta Kamp member’s death. Google noted that tragic phenomena generated the most searches. This was the case with Senzo in 2014, when we all learned that he was gunned down!

The most asked “how to” question was, “how to cast?” Besides, many people sought to know how to apologize. Many South Africans, believe it or not, googled for creative ways of presenting apologies. This was so much, that, “how to apologize” ranked the second most asked “how to” question. Now you know!

Here’s a look at what was on South African’s collective mind, based on Google’s annual breakdown of the hottest searches:

Overall Terms

1. Loadshedding

2. August Alsina

3. Xenophobia

4. Cricket World Cup

5. Lamar Odom

South African People

1. Flabba

2. Simba Mhere

3. Cassper Nyovest

4. Pastor Zondo

5. Collins Chabane

How to…?

1. How to cast

2. How to apologise

3. How to e-wallet

4. How to kick

5. How to smoke

What is…?

1. What is xenophobia?

2. What is ebola?

3. What is occupation?

4. What is ISIS?

5. What is constipation?

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