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Why Gratitude Will Make Your Life Better


gratitudeA great time to be grateful is when you feel stuck. . . which is also a moment when being grateful is really hard, because at that moment, most of us just want to complain about life and how messed up it is.

When life has you stuck, there are obstacles that come between you and where you want to be, and the fear in you rises high up, telling you that you will never manage to accomplish that which you are wishing for.

As I said, this is the time to be grateful. Because being grateful will shift your focus from the hopelessness to appreciating things in your life that are good. Being grateful can lessen the pain that you are feeling, it can open you up to new amazing things.

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Gratitude helps us realize what we have

When we are focused on all that is going wrong, on the things we don’t have . . . our lives become more empty because we see all that we desire that we don’t have. However, when we stop and be grateful, we consciously make a decision to appreciate the things we do have, the things that are going well and those things that we may be taking for granted.

Gratitude puts things into perspective

The moment we make a decision to be grateful, we stop focusing on the bad, and we start seeing the amazingness. It then becomes more difficult to continue to complain, because we end up seeing the blessings, we finally get how our lives are really not that bad.

Gratitude makes us happier

It improves all areas of our lives. It strengthens the relationships that we have, it magnifies that which we have been blessed with, it reduces the stress in our lives and t makes us healthier more appreciative people.

That’s why we need to be grateful, because it will change our lives for the better!


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