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Hair By Renaud Dedi in Fourways, Sandton


Ethnic Hair Salon in Fourways, Sandton

Hair By Renaud Dedi is an ethnic hair salon in Douglasdale, Fourways. In addition to Fourways, the hair salon also services Bryanston and Sandton at large.

As you know, hair is one of the things that complete a look . . . just as much as an outfit can break or make how you look. And many people spend a lot of money on their hair, and in making sure that it stays looking amazing at all  times. For years I didn’t bother with hair as for over 15 years I decided to do the so called brush. After that I tried out dreadlocks but then of course I got tired of that.

So when I finally made a decision to cut my dreads, I was now confronted with the thought of what will I do with my hair now?

I have always been a natural hair kind of girl, so it made sense to let it grow naturally. But hair like most things needs to be nourished, and natural or not, sooner or later I was going to need to trim it. That’s why I found myself looking for a hair salon in Fourways that I could go to.

Staying in Douglasdale, Fourways, I needed something close by, as that would be super convenient. Enter Hair by Renaud Dedi . . . an ethnic hair salon in Fourways that’s 2 minutes away from where I live.

My problem of a hair salon was solved. But there was another issue . . . would I like them? Are they good?

So one day, I decided to try them out, as my hair was begging for some attention. Are they good, you wonder?

Let’s just say that I am still doing my hair there, a year and a few months since I started using them.

Conclusion,  if you need a hair salon in Fourways, Sandton, check out Hair by Renaud Dedi. You will thank me later.

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