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I am Not What Happened to Me


I am not what happened to me

We all have been through challenges, things that threatened to break us down and make us surrender to something. We have all been through trying times, to the point where we thought “I am not going to get through this”.

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Things have happened to you, that make you sad when you think about it. I am sure for some people, it actually makes you cry just going back there.

But . . . you made it. You are right here, and you are reading this message right now.

Your circumstances do not define you. You are not what happened to you!

You have a chance to shake it off, to look forward to tomorrow and to make decisions that shape where you want your life to go.

There is so much beauty in you, and you survived it all for a reason. Decide what you want your life to be . . . and go for it!

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