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Happy 3 Year Anniversary Kabelo and Gail Mabalane

Happy 3 Year Anniversary Kabelo and Gail Mabalane

Pic: Instagram

Not only is February the month of love across the world, for Kabelo and Gail Mabalane, it’s the month they said I do!

3 years into their marriage, they welcomed their daughter Zoey in March last year.

Kabelo posted a picture of him and his wife Gail, from their wedding 3 years ago, and captioned it: “Today three years ago in front of God and man we made it official that you digged my weirdness and I digged your weirdness and that we were going to be weird together. God deserves all the praise and honor for this union. #3yranniversary???”

When he talks about their love story, Kabelo says that he knew she would be his wife when he met her . . . aww.

What a beautiful couple . . . here is to more years of beauty and love!

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