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How To Be Happy In Life


how-to-be-happy-in-lifeOur happiness starts from the inside, even though at times we feel that someone can make us happy. I am not saying that they cannot, but true happiness starts from inside of us, and there is only so much happiness that someone can bring to our lives. It should never be something that we push aside and hope for in the near future, it should be something that we pursue every single day of our lives.

How to be Happy in Life

Here is how to be happy in life, so I hope you will start today

1. Appreciate what you have been blessed with – The problem is that most of us are focused on money and material things, and we align our happiness with how much we have. But the truth is, if we just opened our eyes to what we have already, we would be a lot happier, and we definitely would definitely feel a lot richer.

2. Shift your focus towards those things that really matter – I have said this countless times, and I will say it again. Life is short and life is a gift, so we really need to make the most of it. Don’t spend it sad, do not spend it worrying and miserable. Instead celebrate it and focus on that things that mean something to you.

3. Define what a happy life is to you and pursue it  – What should life be like and what should it be about? What does it take for you to be happy? Decide for yourself the answers to these questions that will make you happy. Life really is what you decide for yourself. Don’t waste it with mediocrity  and never listen to anyone who will discourage you to go for your dreams.

4. Embrace the challenges that life throws at you – Things will not always go as we wish, but these challenges are life lessons that make us grow and be stronger human beings. Whatever challenge it is, you will come out a better person, a stronger and a wiser person.

5. Find your balance –  Be who you truly are, and of course there are choices that you will have to make. Choices between the things that you feel and those that you know. There will be choices that you will have to make between staying in a situation and fighting to get it better, or to just walk away with the memories that you have made. Sometimes, you will have to walk away from the person you currently are to that person that you want to be.

6. Love your body and take care of it – We only get to have one body for the rest of our lives, appreciate it. Take care of it and feed it the right foods, because when it is healthy you will be happy.

7. Do not spend your time with negative people – Happiness in life needs for you to make great positive choices. Spending your time with negative people contaminates how your life will be and strips the happiness away.

8. Treat people with love and kindness – Life with its ups and downs can be unpredictable, so even when you are at your peak, never look down on anyone. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated, even if everything is going well for you, for you never now when the wheel is going to turn.

9. Live for today and anticipate great things tomorrow – At times we get stuck on the past and how it could have unfolded, but realise that it cannot change. Get unstuck, and stop wondering about why it happened and what could have been. Rather focus on the beautiful things that are still coming.

This is how to be happy in life, and it is not a formula that is cast in stone. I was merely sharing my thoughts. These tips have helped me, they probably will help you too should you decide to use them.

Photo by: Annais Ferreira

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