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How To Be Happy With Yourself


how to be hapy with yourself

How to be Happy with Yourself 

Have you ever had that moment where you are so down, that thinking about something positive is just too much work? It is a desperate feeling, where you feel that everything sucks, and you just want to not deal with any of it.

What I know is that when you are feeling like that, it is difficult to see something positive, it is difficult to see anything that is good, it is difficult to see the situation improving.

What I want you to remember though is that there is happiness in the world, there is happiness around you and there are good things in your life. Happiness is something we should be conscious of, and you should make the decision to be happy. We have to choose it before it can choose us! You might also want to read how to be happy when you are sad.

Despite what you are going through or what you have gone through, happiness is within reach. Here is how to be happy with yourself so you are able to to live your best life:

1. Forgive yourself – forgive yourself for the things that you have put yourself through and forgive yourself for the mistakes that you have made. For all the wrongs that you did to you or someone else, forgive yourself for it. The guilt has consumed you and you have blamed yourself for it. It is enough! Yes you did something wrong, and you cannot change it. The only thing is that you are a better human being from it, so forgive yourself and let it go. Stop beating yourself down because of it!

Forgive others – Forgive the people who have hurt you. People make mistakes, sometimes even with the best of intentions. Holding a grudge for someone ends up being a burden to you, and it is not healthy for you to be carrying anger around. If you want to be happy, let it go. Let God deal with it.

Stop focusing on your problems, and stop talking about them – Talking about your problems and focusing on them just makes them bigger, and this can be overwhelming. Shift your focus from them, and focus on something else that makes you feel happy, less stressed and thankful.

Be a blessing to someone – sometimes, in the midst of our problems, it helps to shift the focus from yourself to someone else. Someone else out there is also sad, how about putting a smile on their face? If you can can reach out to someone in need, you will feel happier, because you will have done something amazing for someone who needed it badly. Also, you will be sowing your seeds for happiness.

Keep busy – It might be easier to not do anything and wallow in your sadness, but NO! Get up and do something, even if you have to force yourself. When you are busy with something, you will have less time to think about your problems and all the things that made you feel sad. So, get up and do something.

Make a list of the great things that you have done or achieved – You have dome great things, count them. You have achieved amazing things, count them. You have been blessed, count those blessings. Whatever you are going through, you have people who love you, you have friends who care about you, you have been a success, you are alive . . . count it all.

Do something you love – What do you enjoy doing? Do it, even though you might not feel like doing it because you will feel better and happier afterwards. Read, listen to some music, watch a movie you like, whatever it is, do it. If anything, it will take your mind off things.

Be content with the person you are – don’t zoom on those things about yourself that you cannot control or that you cannot change. Do not try to be someone or something that you are not. Don’t pay attention to those who talk badly about you or who have nothing positive to say. Just live your life doing things that are beneficial to you. Focus on where you are going.

Never ever ever lose hope – Whatever you are going through, it will get better. The rainbow always come out after a storm so never lose hope. Remind yourself that things will be ok and that what you are going through is temporary.

You are a great human being, with so much to offer. The world needs someone like you, because only you can offer what is inside of you. You are unique, therefore you are precious!

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