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Hinge: Dating app that exposes your relationship status!


hinge-dating-appWe love the dating app Hinge. The app had an update recently, and this update makes the relationship of users known.

Is your heart beating fast yet?

Hinge takes the information from your Facebook profile, so the relationship status on your Facebook will be shown on your Hinge profile.

“Married, engaged or in a relationship on Facebook? Version 3.5 of Hinge will publish that info to your profile,” says a press release from Hinge.

Hinge says that the move to publish this is to ensure that people that are on the site are actually people who are looking to be in relationships, not necessarily those that are looking to cheat on their partners.

“1.6% of our users are married or engaged,” Hinge community liaison Jean-Marie McGrath told Mashable. “That’s a low number, but we want to make sure Hinge remains a place for people looking for dates and relationships.”

In other words, if you are looking to cheat on your partner or have multiple relationships, Hinge is just not the place to do it.

Hinge will disclose your relationship status if you are married, engaged or in a relationship.

The best part, is that someone does not have to try too hard to find that information about someone, it is very visible, right below the persons profile picture.


“We hope that by announcing this early people who are in fake relationships on Facebook (with their best friends, etc.) will update their profiles to reflect their accurate relationship status,” says McGrath.

Now if you are married or engaged and you are on Hinge, you are not being booted out. They just want potential people who are liking you to know what they are getting themselves into.