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Household Furniture Removals in Midrand

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Household Furniture Removals in Midrand

Household Furniture Removals in Midrand, Johannesburg

Moving household furniture is hard enough, not getting prepared could make it worse. So, if you are a little bit nervous and you want to make everything goes as planned, it is understandable and the best way to have a good experience is to get a Midrand household furniture removals company to help you.

With some laid down plans, the process of household furniture removals will be easy. Whether you hire a removal company or you want to do it yourself to save some money, there are some things you must do so as to make the experience a smooth one.

Proper preparation

Just like I have always maintained, proper preparation and planning prevents poor performance and removals. Not putting down good plans may results in poor removals of the furniture by the company you hired or by you if you intend to do it on your own. Make a list of all your essential piece of furniture and how delicate they are, inform the furniture removals company in Midrand of how you want them handled and placed.


You must measure the dimensions of all the piece of furniture especially the large ones you intend to move. Also measure the doorway, the passage way or the elevator if you are living in a high rise building or you want to move them into a high rise building. By taking these measurements, you can determine if the furniture will be able to pass easily, or they will need to be repositioned or knocked down in bits.

Weight Examination

Before you move any of your furniture, examine the weight to know the heaviness and the area to grab when lifting. This way, there will be weight balance when lifting. Lifting the furniture piece from the wrong end may cause the part to fall off because the weight is not spread evenly when lifting.


Some household furniture is more delicate than the others. To safeguard against bump or scratch, Wrap the delicate or expensive ones in a removal blanket or bubble wrap. Avoid wrapping using old newspapers as the ink can rub off on them. If you must paper, use plain ones.

Heavy Furniture

Some pieces of furniture are just too heavy you can’t lift them all at once. For these types of furniture, disassemble them in parts, separate the parts into individual pieces and move them one by one. If the at end of the day there is no way to disassemble them into parts, you can rent sliders and place it under them. This way, when you push it, the sliders will make it easy for it to move and prevent any damage during the process.

To experience more smooth gliding without friction, you can put some water mixed with ample amount of soap on the floor; it will make the slider move smoothly without any hitch. When you intend to move heavy furniture like this up or down the staircase, you can always use removal rollers to ease the work. These rollers allow you to simply slide the heavy furniture up or down the staircase.

Expert Advice

If you are at a cross-road at any point, then always seek an expert advice. Ignorance they say is no defense. If you don’t have money to spend and have some time, you can do it yourself. But if you don’t have time and have some money to spend, you can outsource full service to a Midrand furniture removal company. They will come to your house to check and give you an estimate of what it will cost you. You will determine which one will suit you.

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