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How To Ask A Girl Out – The EASY Way!


Dating tips can totally be useful, for one, they can help you from making horrible mistakes and be too scared to ever ask a girl out. Asking a girl out for some guys is the easiest thing to do, but for others, it is really NOT! So, how do you ask her out is what we want to answer here.

There are ways to make sure that you nail it, but then again there are ways to mess things up so bad, that you wish you had not even tried to begin with. There can be a lot of anxiety when it comes to getting a girl to talk to you and getting her attention.

Whether you are shy when it comes to women, or you think you have nothing to offer her, at some point you are going to have to overcome all of the anxiety and actually step up to her. Yes, you might have to put yourself out there, but its the only way you can have a chance with the girl you like.

Here are some tips to help you ask a girl out easily:

How to Ask a Girl Out

How you approach her – I must say, having to approach a girl that you like is NOT the easiest of things to do. It can be scary and you might feel a lot of anxiety at the thought of having to do that. The thought of being rejected is what makes most guys abandon thoughts of even stepping up to the girls that they like, but do not be crippled by that fear. Just make the decision to approach her, and as you do, make sure that your face is kind and that you have a smile on your face. Girls like guys that look friendly, so never go there with a frown.

Starting a conversation – When it comes to breaking the ice with her, there is really no formula, at least not a formula that can work with all the girls. A simple ‘hello’ is good enough to start talking to her, and do not make the mistake of giving out your hand for a shake. You are not at a business meeting, and it’s just the furthest thing from being romantic. Ask about her, what she does and what she likes doing. That should really get you going, and you should be able to tell whether she’s into you, whether she wants to talk further with you or whether she is not enjoying it.

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Making that first physical contact – Hopefully you took my advice and didn’t shake her hand. Touching her is something you want to happen, especially if you are asking her out. Before your mind goes racing, I am talking about a touch on her arm or her hand. If you approach her well and she is taken by you, this should be easy, because she is supposed to be liking chatting to you, and if you are good at your game, you should both be flirting with each other. Once you get to that point, touching her should be easy.

Ask for her number – this is even easier than asking her to go out with you. This is because even if she gives you her number, it does not necessarily mean that you will call, and even if you do, she can still say no to talking to you. It is much easier to get her to part with her number, than to get her agree to go on a date with you. Just make sure that when you do, you are ready with your phone, instead of starting to fumble around.

Prepare yourself for rejection – rejection is the nature of dating, and of course there is always a chance that you may get rejected, even if you do everything well. Just keep in mind that it can happen, and most likely she will try and be sweet about it, by saying that she has a boyfriend or something. If that happens, just keep your dignity and move on, forcing her or trying other tactics will certainly not change her mind.

Asking a girl out is always nerve wrecking, but unfortunately it is part of the process. Hope you have a better idea of how to ask a girl out so you can do it with confidence.

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