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How to Ask a Girl to be Your Girlfriend


9 Ways to Ask a Girl to be Your Girlfriend

So you have been on a few dates with a girl? But now you want to take to the next level and make her your girlfriend. Find out how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend right here.

Sure, it is exciting to be going on romantic dates with a girl you like, but after a while the excitement may die down, because you want her to be more than just the girl you are dating. At some point, the both of you should want to know where the “relationship” going, or if you are going out be exclusive  as you date each other.

How to a ask a girl to be your girlfriend

Some guys feel that asking a girl out is kind of weak, and that it might give her the upper hand in the relationship. But if you know anything about girls, at some point they will probably ask what you are to each other and where the relationship is going. Deciding what you are to each other is a great way to get closer to the girl, and it will ensure that there is no confusion to any one.

Bottom line, if you really like her, you definitely should ask her out!

So, step by step, here is how you ask her out:

Take your time

Do not rush getting her to be your girlfriend. It is important to spend time with her prior to asking her out, just so you are sure that you like her, and to have an idea of the kind of person she is. If you rush it, she may say yes, and you may end up deciding that you do not like her after all.

Make it memorable

Whatever you decide to do to let her know that you like her and that you want her to be your girlfriend, make it memorable, so that she will remember it for years to come. When a relationship progress, it is always great to go back in time and remember just how magical it was. Learn ways to make her feel special.

Women love romantic dinners

If you are thinking of telling her you like and that you want to be in a relationship with her, why not ask her out on a very romantic dinner date? A romantic dinner is really a perfect setting to get romantic, and she won’t even have a chance to say no. Make sure the setting is cozy and beautiful, and be sure to dazzle her. Make her feel really special.

Buy her a thoughtful gift 

Get a gift, something sweet and small, a gift from the heart. This is not the time to go and splurge on a very expensive gift, just buy her something that she has shown an interest in, in the times that you spend time with her. It will be from the heart and it will be thoughtful . . . and hint . . . she will love it!

Get her a card

For most guys, telling a girl that they like her is not the easiest of things. If you are one of those guys who find it hard, then get her a card instead. Get a card that mirrors everything that you feel about her, and don’t just give it to her. Write a few things of your own from your heart and then give it to her. This way, by the time you have the conversation, she will know that you like her and what your intentions are.

Write her a letter

The closest thing to getting her a card is to do it the old fashioned way, by writing her a love letter from your heart. Do not underestimate a carefully written letter that expresses raw emotion about how you feel about her, and guess what, she can go back to the letter way after giving it to her.

Be prepared to talk to her

Sure, your card or letter may have told her how you feel about her, but you will still have to have that conversation. When you have the  conversation, just tell her again how she makes you feel and how happy you feel that it is her who has captured your heart. Make her feel special.

Say those words

Whether it is like or love, you should tell her. Liking or loving someone demands that we open ourselves up to the love that could be out there waiting for us, and this would be the moment when you do it. If you decide to take the step to let her know how you feel, then make sure that you leave no stone unturned, that she should know without any doubts just how you feel about her.

These are some ways on how to ask  girl to be your girlfriend. Whatever her answer is once you ask her out, at least you know that she will remember it and smile at that memory. Following this advice here, will most probably yield a great result.

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