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How To Be Happy When You Are Sad



 how to be happy when you are sad

How To Be Happy When You Are Sad

We all want to be happy, but honestly it is hard for most of us to be in a state of happiness all the time. But I know that there are people who are happier than me, and I wanted to go out there and learn their secret. So this is how to get happy especially if you are sad:

1. Be in the moment – if you are doing something, try and engage in it as fully as possible, especially if it is something positive. For instance, if your friends take you out to cheer you up, make sure that you are in the moment, enjoying the food, the drinks and the conversation, instead of allowing your mind to wander to whatever is making you sad.

2. Laugh as much as you can – Even if you do not feel like it, just find something hilarious and go for it, and see how you feel afterwards. It feels great!

3. Get to bed early and rest your body – Rest, rest and more rest. With the world we live in so fast and with our lives so busy, it’s a great idea to get to bed early and tune out. It will do wonders for your body and your mood.

4. Listen to music – sing along to some music that soothes your soul. Music that makes you think of positive things will shift your mind from sad to feeling much better.

5. Say no – I am sure that there are things in your life that you do not enjoy, and my advice is to just eliminate them. If there are things that you are supposed to do that you are not up to doing, instead of doing half a job on them, rather pass it on to someone else and free time for something that you enjoy.

6. Do one thing at a time – Doing a lot of different things at a time can leave you to spread for energy and time. Rather focus on one thing, do it well and move onto the next.

7. If you have dog, take him for a walk – this is bound to cheer you up. Besides the fresh air that you will benefit from, you will cheer up from being outdoors and seeing different things out there.

8. Don’t watch the news – With all the depressing stuff that’s out there on a daily basis, it is hard to watch the news and not get sad. So skip the news if you can, and your mood should improve.

9. Visit a quiet place – Gardens and museums and places like those can give you a peace and a quiet that is great and can help you remember that life is not all bad. So create some time and go hang there.

10. Give your relationships a priority – spend time with people who care about you and those that you care about. Close friends and family can make you feel great and can put a smile on your face.

11.Count the good in your life – Often when we are sad, we tend to focus so much on the bad in our lives that we forget about the good. If you are feeling sad, make sure that you pause and think about your blessings. Write them down if you need to, as this will remind you that your life is blessed, even though you might be going through a storm.

I hope you have a learned a few things about how to be happy. I am sure you have some things that have made a difference in your life when you were feeling sad. We would love to hear what those are, they possibly can help someone out there.

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