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How to Get a Girl to Give You Her Number


How to Get Her Number

How to get a girl to give you her number is something that is in the minds of a lot of guy’s minds.

This is a scenario that happens a lot on a daily basis: you see a girl you like just about anywhere. It could be at the gym, on your way to work, while you are getting lunch. It could be anywhere really, and the second you see her you wish you could just get her number.

It is a fact that once you have your number, you will have better access to her. You will be able to keep in touch with her and have a better chance to make your move, but the difficult step is getting that number. Of course there is always the possibility that she can reject you, which none of us are keen to have that happen.

So, how do you get her number without her blowing you off, and how do you do make her want to give it to you? How do you even ask for it?

Here is a great video that will take you by the hand and take you the entire process. Best of all, you will be learning from one of the best relationship experts Joshua Pellicer, and he shows you how to get that number from your first encounter with a girl you like, without her blowing you off:


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