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How To Get Out of The Friend Zone With A Girl



It is extremely frustrating to like a girl so much, that you want her to be your girlfriend, but you actually find yourself in the friend zone. How do you then go from friends to lovers? You cannot take being a friend to this girl, because she is constantly in your mind and you want more from her than just friendship.

It’s even harder if she has put you in the friend zone, and she does not seem interested in anything else that may be coming from you. In order to get her attention and show her that you want more than friendship, you are going to have to do something different, because let’s face it, what you have been doing until now has clearly not been working. You will need to get her to be attracted to you.

Being in the friend zone when you actually want a girl to be your girlfriend is no fun. You have to be able to figure out why you are in the friend zone with the girl. Are the things that you are doing that makes her not be sexually attracted to you?

Get out of the friend zone using the Tao System.

Or maybe you wanted her from the word go but you could NOT get yourself to tell her how you felt, so you took the easy route and opted for friendship just so you could have access to her. So now she only sees you as that supportive guy friend.

Or maybe you kept stalling to tell her exactly how you felt, because you were scared that she would reject you, so the longer you waited the more it became difficult to tell her, and now you are in the friend zone and you don’t know how to get out of it.

What is the “Friend Zone”?

This is probably the worst position that you can find yourself in with a girl you like, when you want more and all she wants is to be your friend. There is one of two situations:

1. You have known her for a very long time, you have never really tried to take things to the next level and the truth is you have a huge crush on her.

2. You meet a girl at a party, on the street, on the bus, in a club or wherever, and you get bold enough to step up to her and she tells you that you seem like a great guy but she really just wants to be friends with you. The real truth is that she is not into you, she does not want you but she is too nice to just say that to your face.

When a girl puts you in the friend zone, she just does not see things getting sexual with you, and she just does not want to go there with you. What she does like however is the friendship part and the support and perks that it comes with.

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How to Get Out Of the Friend Zone

We have already established that being in the friend zone really sucks, so it is important to learn how to get out of the friend zone if you really want her. The best way to shift things so that she starts seeing you as a guy that she can be with and be attracted to, is to escalate things. Here are ways to get out of the friend zone and be with the girl of your dreams:


You need to show her that you want more from her than just friendship. When you are with her, start engaging with her in ways that you have not before. Look at her in the eyes and make sure that she catches you looking at her, and let your eyes do the talking. Learn how to flirt with her, in a way that gets her flirting with you, and she will know that you are looking for more than friendship with her.

Begin To Touch Her

Incorporate touching when you are with her, but do it gradually. If the situation allows, touch her hand or put your arms around her. Don’t get sexual with her at this point, like touching her waste or putting your hands on her butt, just take it slowly and touch her in a positive light, and let it progress from there.

Make Yourself More Attractive

You are close enough with her to know what she finds attractive in a guy, so you can use what you know to make yourself more attractive to her. There is nothing wrong with getting new clothes, or getting a haircut or going to the gym to improve your body. Those are things that she will notice in you and she may look at you in a completely different light.

Get a Hobby

Get a life outside of her, and a new hobby would do you great. It will open a whole new conversation between you two and it might be something that you can eventually share and do together.

Change an Area in Your Life That Upsets You

Is there an area in your life that you are unhappy with? Then you should work on changing it. You will feel great about yourself and your confidence levels will increase. And in case you don’t know, girls love confident guys.

Talk To Other Girls

Start talking to other girls. For one, you will be putting a little bit of distance between you and this girl that is consuming your life, and two, she will notice that you are talking to other girls. Chances are she will get a little jealous and that can help things between the two of you as she starts seeing you in a different light.

Final Thoughts on Being on the Friend Zone

If you like a girl, you really should go for it, and that will require that you step out of your comfort space. Get out of the friend zone by letting her know that you want her.

Also, improve your life as much as you can, so that you have a whole lot more going for you. Make friends and be in the company of other women.

Take a stand and tell her that you like her, and be clear to her that you just do not want to be her friend, and that you want much more than that. Be clear that if things don’t change, you just don’t think that you will be able to continue just being friends with her.

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