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How to Get Rid of Dark Armpits Fast and Cheap


How to Get Rid of Dark Armpits Fast and Cheap – A problem many people face, dark armpits can destroy your day, your mood or your image, so every tip you can find on how to get rid of the dark armpits is worth trying.

You can start by giving up on hair removal creams or shaving. Try waxing or using device that remove the hair strands from their roots.

Excessive use of alcohol based products can be responsible for this problem, too, so it may be useful to buy and use alcohol free deodorants or perfumes.

Tight clothes can irritate the skin, especially if they are made of synthetic or polyester based materials, so a thorough check of your wardrobe might be an excellent approach.

Incomplete hygiene may also be a cause, as washing is sometimes not enough. You also need to ensure the proper exfoliation of your armpits, in order to remove the dead skin cells and the impurities that reduce the incidence of skin darkness.

There are also a few tips on how to get rid of dark armpits at home you can try, very easy to follow and without involving significant expenses.

For example, you can take a slice of lemon and rub your armpits with it. After you are done, apply a moisturizing cream, in order to prevent the skin dryness that lemon often causes.

A yogurt and some dried orange peel powder can also be used to reduce dark armpits. The yogurt’s skin cleaning properties are well known, and the orange peel can give it the perfume and abrasiveness it needs in order to work its magic. But beware of yogurt if you suffer from lactose intolerance!

A gentle massage with baking soda is another cheap way of brightening your skin. Massage your armpits with baking soda on a regular basis, and the results will be quickly visible.

If you try all the above and tips with no results, you should go ahead and ask a dermatologist for advice on how to get rid of dark armpits, as they might be caused by some serious skin problem that does not respond to any of the treatments listed above.

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