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How to Give Yourself a Second Chance


second-chanceWe all deserve second chances, just because not one of us is perfect. We mess up a lot, and sometimes it is because we try to do something or we try to get somewhere. Messing up means that you are trying, which is a hundred times better than not trying at all. Very few people can make something work the first time, and most of us get it wrong a lot the first time. You can only move forward if you try again and again after you fail, and that is the only thing that will make a difference.

When you give yourself a second chance, it means you are looking beyond every failure you have had, and you look beyond all the messes that you have made. It is adjusting to the things that you have done wrong, and looking forward with a changed attitude of I-can. Here is how to give yourself a second chance:

1.  Let go of the past

It is already yesterday and there is nothing you can do about it. Yes you may get really frustrated when life gets a bit difficult, but throwing our toys out the crib does not help at all. Everytime something does not work out the way you hoped, there is a lesson to be learned, and know that you will emerge stronger, and that situation may just take you to an even better place than the one you had hoped! The difficult times do pass . . . always remember that!

2.  Benefit from the lesson.

Everytime something does not work out to our hearts desire, learn the lesson that you are supposed to get out of it. There are lessons through every situation that we go through. Though disappointing, know that there is something better out there coming your way.

3.  Get rid of the negative attitude.

Lose the negative attitude, because it can only yield negative results in your life. Adopt a positive attitude and you will start to see positive things in your life. You have to see positive things happening in your life before you can actually (physically) see them happening in your own life!

4.  Accept accountability for your current situation.

You have to take responsibility and accountability for your own life. We all have mountains to climb and obstacles to overcome, and you have to do this in order to get to the life you want to. Be in control of your life, for you are really the only one who can decide which direction it takes.

5.  Focus on the things you are able can change.

Some things in our lives are out of our control, and there is very little that we can do to change them. The only control you have is to focus on changing those that you can. Trying to change what you cannot is a recipe for disaster, and it is only going to frustrate you to no end.

6.  Figure out what it is that you really want.

It is crucial to find out what is important to you, and what you want out of life. You have to find that things that move you, that gets you to take action and that makes you want to keep going.

7.  Get rid of the non-essential things in your life.

Simplify your life by getting rid of the non essential things in your life. When you eliminate those things in your life that are not important to you, you leave room for important things, and you will be able to focus better on them. You cannot be all over the place if you are looking to accomplish meaningful things in your life, because you will be all over the place and you might find yourself giving attention to things that you are NOT supposed to be.

8.  Be extremely specific with your goals.

When it comes to the things that you want to accomplish, make sure that they are as specific as you want them to be. “I want to lose weight” really does not cut it. “I want to lose 10 pounds in a month” is a much better goal, because you have decided how much weight you want to lose and you have put a date to it. Goals need to be very specific and they need to be measurable.

9.  Focus on DOING instead of not doing.

Set your focus on those things that you want to accomplish or do, not the ones that you are trying to move from. You need to shift your focus from those things that you are trying to avoid, because in essence they will be on your mind and you will be giving them attention. Focus on the good habits that you want to create, and let go of the old habits.

10.  Create a daily routine.

With a daily routine, you can become more organized and productive, because you know what exactly you need to do, how much of it you want to do it and when you want to do it. Life is filled with distractions and with a daily routine, it will help start your day right or end it properly. It is important and it will simplify your life immensely. Better yet, it can change your life for the better!

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11.  Forget about impressing people.

Never try to impress anyone. A lot of the people in the world today spend money they don’t have just so someone can feel impressed by the things they have, at times it is people that do not even make a difference in their lives. Let me be blunt – it is a total waste  waste of time! Focus on what you need to do, focus on where you need to go and you will be just fine.



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