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How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger


Big eyes are youthful and healthy. But, not all of us are born with oversized peppers, but there are a number of makeup tips that can help you achieve it. Using the following techniques, you can make your eyes look bigger and beautiful –

• You need to define your eyebrows as it will help attention to the entire eye area rather than just the eyes. This way people will perceive your eyes to be much bigger.

• You need to start by lining your lower lashes with eye shadow instead of pencil to make it appear that you have a larger eye area and make people believe that you have lower lash line.

• When you use mascara, be generous with the amount of mascara that you apply. This will help you create the illusion of wide awake eyes and making your eyes look bigger. If you have eyes that look tired even when you are not, do not apply mascara to your lower lashes.

It is best to avoid black eyeliner if you have small eye as it can make your eyes look more closed. Try different colors such as chocolate brown, shimmery navy or blackened plum to make your eyes stand out even more by adding dimension to your eyes.