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#IdolsThami, #IdolsKeegan and #IdolsTerra nail their #IdolsSA performances


#IdolsThami, #IdolsKeegan and #IdolsTerra nail their #IdolsSA performances and get major love on Twitter


Pic: Twittter/IdolsSA

Last week, the women slayed their performances,  and some of us emerged with our favourites. For me personally, Noma stole the show, and she definitely is getting my vote. Her performance of Rihana’s Stay, made me want to listen to all her previous performances, and that’s what I did.

This Sunday, the guys had to give their very best, and out of all the great performances, Twitter was lit over #IdolsThami, #IdolsKeegan and #IdolsTerra.

Terra Cox got a major thumbs up from Somizi, after he performed Maxwell’s Bad Habits, even saying that his performance was the performance of  the night. He got all the notes right, some people on Twitter were saying he sounded like Maxwell . . .which can only mean he did justice to the song.

But then, Keegan came on and performed Usher’s Climax and he shut it down, according  to some people, including judge Randall Abrahams. Randall loved Keegan’s performance so much, he said, It’s not over until Keegan performs.

Thami did  Drake’s Hotline Bling. For me, it wasn’t his best, but still enjoyable nonetheless.

Check out some of  the tweets:

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