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How to Be Insanely Motivated




How to be Motivated

Are you low on motivation right now? Here are some strategies and tips that will get you motivated and up for what you need to do:

1. Condition your mind to think positively – Avoid negative thoughts like the plague, they will only get you depressed and they only yield negative things.

2. Condition your body also – Taking action and doing the things that you need to do will require some energy from you. So, eat the right foods and exercise your body to ensure you are up for the challenges.

3. Don’t waste your time with negative people – they will drain you and that negativity might just rub off on you.

4. Instead, spend time with those who are motivated – their positive energy will affect you positively and you too will be more positive.

5. Be flexible in the goals that you have – Nothing should be cast in stone, and at times you need to refine your goals to fit what you want and where you need to go.

6. Have a higher purpose in your work – whenever you do something, it should be tied with the big goal that you are looking to achieve, otherwise it is useless and you should not waste your time doing it.

7. Take responsibility for the results that you get in your life – accept that you had a role in whatever your life brings to you. Stop making excuses and get on with what you need to do.

8. Stretch yourself beyond what you think you can accomplish – everyday, do something that seems beyond reach, stretch yourself because it is in doing that that you will be rewarded. Doing the exact same thing you always do will yield the same results over and over again.

9. Don’t wait for things to be perfect, take the leap now -Waiting for things to be perfect before you do something is a formula for disaster, and you will always have an excuse why you did not do something that you needed to do. So, do it today, better yet do it right now, because there will never be a perfect time.

10. Celebrate your failures – Great lessons will come from the journey of getting to a point, and not in the destination itself. So, make sure you learn why you failed as you go along the way, as those lessons will make you grow.

11. Do not make weak goals – Your goals need to inspire you to take action. Never start them with “I’ll try to”, NO, otherwise you can forget about achieving them. You must start them with “I will” because it now moves to something that you are going to do, and there is a level of commitment with that.

12. The real failure is you not taking action – Not taking action means you are not doing anything, you are not moving towards something and there is absolutely nothing to learn in not doing a thing.

13. Think about what you are going to say before you say it – often at times we are caught up in small arguments that do not serve any kind of purpose to the goals that we have. Rather be quiet, rather than open your mouth to say something that is not tied to your purpose.

Use these tips for motivation to propel yourself to a higher place, and closer to having the life you want.



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