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Is AKA back with DJ Zinhle?

Is AKA back with DJ Zinhle

Pic: Instagram

Has rapper AKA gone back to DJ Zinhle??

According to Sunday Sun, there is a strong indication that AKA has left Bonang Matheba, and gone back to his baby mama DJ Zinhle.

Apparently Bonang had access to AKA’s place, as he had given her his house keys. But when she went there, she found no AKA, and the apartment was empty.

“Queen B went to their love nest and to her dismay found the apartment empty. She thought someone had broken in!”

“AKA loves his daughter and Zinhle has matured. And they want to give it another try for the sake of the child,” a source told Sunday Sun.

There seems to be much confusion when it comes to AKA, DJ Zinhle and Bonang. In recent months, since we learned of the affair between AKA and Bonang, it has been obvious that AKA and Bonang are smitten with each other, despite them denying that they are together.

They have been attending certain events together and spotted at certain places together. They even went on holiday together, with Bonang thanking her “shmoonkie” and how it was the best 2 weeks. Just a week ago, they were both on holiday, at the beach.

Coincidence? We think not!

On her Instagram, Bonang wrote, “2016,what’s good?! ? the best two weeks ever!! Word to my shmoonkie…”

Anyway it’s all very confusing, and only time will tell if AKA has decided to get back to the mother of his child Zinhle and have a go at it again.

Zinhle has said that he is a great dad to Kairo, and that he can see the baby anytime he wants to, but as for her taking him back after everything?? Well, that is yet to be seen and confirmed!

All the parties involved are yet to comment on these rumours.

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