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Isidingo kills off Frank Zavier

Isidingo kills off frank Zavier

Pic: tvsa twitter

Award winning soapie Isidingo upset fans on Friday when they killed off the much loved Frank Zavier, played by Kevin Smith. Frank Zavier, who played hardcore journalist and Calvin’s father, died after his son had to take him off life support.

Frank was shot weeks ago . . . and he was in a serious condition. It got worse after they announced that he had suffered brain damage and wouldn’t amount to much, if he even recovered at all.

Fans were definitely not happy about his death, and I must say I too was upset.

Being the sucker for love that I am, I was hoping that somehow Frank and Nikiwe would find their way to each other. Though their relationship had it’s fair share of drama, I always thought that someday their love would rise above all and it would triumph.

Anyway, Frank is gone, and poor Nikiwe, not only did she lose her child with Frank, she now has to process the loss of the love of her life.

And Calvin . . . it’s going to be tough!

Isidingo is definitely moving in another direction . . . we just can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us.

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