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Jay Z’s music streaming app flops


Jay Z’s music streaming app flops

If there was an app that was supposed to do well, it was Tidal by Jay Z. Not only did have hip hop’s biggest giants, it had the backing of Beyonce herself, and big artists like Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Kanye West and others.

This app is a music streaming app, an it as also to help musicians make more money.

Tidal came into the world and people loved it, it was in the top 20 in the iPhone store and people were eating it up. After 2 weeks after the launch, things went downhill from there for Tidal. It disappeared from the top 20 spot, and it couldn’t be found even in the top 700 apps.

Part of the reason for the drop, is because Tidal is quite costly. To use it costs between R120 to R140 a month (not even once off!!), which is costly, considering that there are other music streaming apps that are cheap, like Spotify and Pandora.

And of course, firing the CEO and 25 other employees didn’t really help all that much.

Let’s be honest, Tidal has it’s work cut out for it. It will have to bring to the table that the competition don’t have to justify the hefty prices that are being charged. It will have to bring exclusive content that only can be found on Tidal. It will have to make the consumer feel that their money is worth the service they are getting.

Peter Tonstad, who is Tidal’s current CEO, soke to the The Wall Street Journal.

“It’s going to be the content richness, deep-diving into individual artists. It’s going to be a combination of content and artist engagement that we put on the platform, or that the artists publish themselves,” Tonstad said.

Can Tidal be saved?

Well, if Beyonce, Jay Z and some of the other artists released exclusive content just for Tidal, consumers can at least justify spending their money on music that is not found anywhere else.