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Jeremih Felton Net Worth


Jeremih Felton Net Worth

Jeremih Felton Net Worth

Jeremih Felton is a very popular American producer and artist whose net worth in 2015 is estimated to be over $4 million.

Born in 1988 in Chicago,Illinois, Felton was drawn to music from extremely young age  and soon he became quite adept at playing drums, bass, squad, piano as well as saxophone. Felton reminisces that music was so intense in his life that he never received like other children of video games and toys. Instead, he always received musical instruments as Christmas gift.

He remembers that in spite of leading a hard life, his mother recognized his talent and introduced him to various musical instruments such that he had all the essentials of a band in no time. I am sure at the time he never even thought that the Jeremih Felton Net Worth would be something that many people would envy.

Even without a professional mentor, he developed an astonishing vocal just by listening to radio. With excellent academic records, he soon enrolled in engineering science program in Illinois where he discovered his real passion after involving in on-campus talent shows.

He left the course then to study in an art school, the Columbia College in Chicago. The albums that really gave him a net worth are his album, ‘Jeremih’ and ‘All About You’ along with his many single releases. He also performed a duet in the song opera, ‘One Life To Live’ with Lionel Richie, a recording artist.

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