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Join the Line and Win Lime #CastleLiteLime


Join the Line and Win Lime

Spring is upon us  . . . which for most of us means hanging out with our fav people, sipping on something nice! I for one love hanging out, with great music and most importantly, sipping on something super cool!

CastleLite has launched the Lime Line campaign, which is just perfect, because I can score a few cold ones. Except, what would fun be without my friends??

Wouldn’t have much fun without them, so I invited 10 of them to join in the lime line, so they too can receive their 6 packs of Castle Lite Lime.

How cool is that??

The best part is, you too can join in the Lime Line fun and get your own 6 pack of Castle Lite Lime! And you can let your friends in on it too . . . so they too can invite their own friends!

So, if you are invited to join the Lime Line, get on the fun because it makes you eligible to claim a 6-pack of Castle Lite Lime.

Guys, make sure you check out my Twitter timeline @epykliving and check out this hashtag , so you can find how you can win.

The weekend is almost here, don’t be caught without a drink!

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