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Kabelo Mabalane and wife prepare for pregnancy and baby


Gail and Kabelo Mabalane

Kabelo Mabalane and his wife Gail are very excited at the prospect of becoming parents.

The pair tied the knot last year and they are expecting their first child. The pregnancy seems to be going great, with Gail saying that she has not experienced anything unpleasant so far.

“I’m excited about adding to the family. I’ve always been big on family so this is number one. Who knows, I could have a rugby or soccer team or a netball team soon. I’m just excited and like I said, it has changed my body language and it will continue changing once the baby arrives.”

Kabelo, daddy to be, also shares his excitement and nervousness at the prospect of being a dad.

“I think every parent wants to be the best parent they possibly can and I guess… I know I’ll be the best parent I possibly can, and it would be nice to hear it from them one day.”

Kabelo says he downloaded the ‘New Dad’ app and explained: “It lets me know every week where we are, what the baby looks like… It’s very good. Every dad should get the ‘New Dad’ app. It’s user friendly.”

The couple said that they are trying to get ready as best as possible, so that when the tot arrives they know what to do.

We have no doubt they will be amazing parents. And the tot will be one cute kid.

Image credit: The Juice

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