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Kelly Khumalo collaborates with Don Laka on a song


Kelly Khumalo collaborates with Don Laka on a song

Kelly Khumalo works with the legendary Don Laka on a song

Songbird Kelly Khumalo has started 2017 very well. She has just won a Metro award for Best Female album, and now she has been invited to do a track with the legend himself – Don Laka.

This is major for Kelly, for any artist for that matter, as Don Laka has been in the industry for a very long time and he is brilliant at what he does.

Don Laka is working on a comeback album, and Kelly will be on it. We will provide more details as soon as they become available, as this is one project that we are excited about.

Kelly is clearly excited about this project:

“I’m so excited to be working with a musical legend like Don Laka and I’m honoured to have been chosen for this project. I’m as excited for everyone to hear the final product of our collaboration. Fans are gonna love it!”

Don Laka had this to say about the collaboration: “I’m celebrating 45 years in the industry and I’ve asked a few artists to celebrate with me on an album. I bumped into Kelly last year in Namibia and she came up to me and said ‘why haven’t you called me yet to work on music?’

“Anyway it was great working with Kelly. She’s an amazing talent. You’ll hear completely different. I’ve made her scat on the record and you’ll love her jazz phrases.”

This is awesome, for Kelly, don Laka and the fans. We know the final product is going to be out of this world, and we just can’t wait for it!

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