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Kelly Khumalo Making a Public Appearance Makes the Haters Come Out in Droves


Kelly khumalo at the Feather awards

Kelly Khumalo appeared at the Feather Awards last night, looking ravishing as usual. This of course was met with a lot of criticism!

The fact that she was out and making a public appearance after the death of her boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa made her haters come out in droves. This was even made worse by the news that she is going back to Rhythm City to resume her part as Sunay.

A lot of people took to Twitter and other social networks to say how displeased they were, as some felt it was ‘too soon’.

Yes a lot of people were very judgmental as people often are, and they were bashing on her just like they have done since Senzo died.

Others still had love for Kelly and completely supported her decision to be out there and ‘working’.

Yes, Senzo died a terrible death. Yes, his killers are still at large, yes there are still a lot of questions surrounding this case.

However, I fully support Kelly Khumalo, I thought she did well by going to the Chev Feather Awards 2014, and for someone who has been crucified and blamed the way she was for Senzo’s death, she looked amazing. This is someone who has lost a soulmate, someone that people called every horrible name in the book, someone who is in mourning.

She will be judged no matter what she does. Kelly has 2 small children that she has to take care of, that in itself is a huge financial responsibility.

Must she now sit at home and cry herself to sleep every night? No, life must go on. It needs to go on and she should be allowed to mourn her boyfriend in whatever way she needs to.

Lastly, to all the Kelly Khumalo haters out there, your opinion doesn’t count. Let her leave her life, you should be focusing on your life, that’s probably in shambles!


Picture credit: Refiloe Modise

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