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Kelly Khumalo Music and Book Sales Have Rocketed


kelly-khumaloIt has been reported that Kelly Khumalo music sales and book sales have increased since the death of her boyfriend and father of her baby Senzo Meyiwa.

Having spent some time on social media, people are raving about her song Asi nne, and it’s clear that people are loving it and are looking to buy it.

Kelly, with the voice that she has and the talent she has, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Sure, the death of Senzo did put her on the spotlight, and mostly for horrible reasons. It just goes to show that her talent and her being famous goes further than the negative press that she has been getting since the tragic incident that took Senzo’s life.

Having been one of those people who fell in love her after she did Qinisela, it was the first time this week that I actively sought out her music, and actively went out of my way to hear her latest offering Back to my Roots.

It’s good to know that people can look beyond a negative situation and support the artist and the music that she brings out.

Even her book is said to be flying off the shelves, and it’s one of the best sellers. Having read parts of the book, I can honestly say that is a great read, and that people should go out there and get it.

The Kelly Khumalo story is one where every South African woman should read and be aware of.

She has been through a lot, and she’s still standing. That I think should be celebrated!

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