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Kenya set to Miss Rio Olympics 2016


Kenya could miss Rio Olympics due to doping record

Kenya set to Miss Rio Olympics 2016

Pic: bbc.com

Kenya set to Miss Rio Olympics 2016The East African athletics power house, Kenya is set to miss participating in the Rio Olympics 2016 as the extended deadline to prove that it’s compliant with doping passes a day ago.

The initial deadline given by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) of February 11 was extended to April 5, 2016 after successful negotiations by the Kenyan government. This came as it was revealed that two athletes, Joy Sakari and Francis Koki Manunga, paid bribes to the Kenya Athletics Federation head to reduce their suspensions for doping.

The compliance review committee of WADA met yesterday, the deadline date, and word is they recommended that Kenya e declared non-complaint. The organization’s board is set to meet and approve the same on May 12, 2016.

In 2012, the East Africans, suffered a huge blow when 40 of their athletes were banned and four senior field and track official were under investigation y the IAAF after the 2012 London Olympics, on suspicion of subversion of the anti-doping procedure.

Image cred: bbc.com

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