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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spend thousands on a ‘magnetic bed’

kim-kardashian and kanye west

Pic: Instagram

Kim Kardashain and her husband Yeezus singer Kanye West are reported to have shelled a lot of money, for a one-of-a-kind of bed. The bed is a type of ‘magnetic bed’, which supposedly ‘holds a king-size bed five foot off the ground’.

The couple, who are expecting their second child together, are said to be  perfectionists, and they will go all out to get whatever they feel is best. And of course, money is no object for them, as they are both worth millions.

A source who spoke to the Daily Star Newspaper, said, “She and Kanye are absolute perfectionists who want the very best and won’t settle for anything less.

“They are especially proud of the floating bed, although Kim does admit in a future episode that she only likes to hover a couple of feet up. She’s worried she will forget they are up in the air and tumble out.”

The couple have shelled a whopping £12.9m on their mansion, which will feature in the coming episodes of KUWTK. The mansion boasts a home theatre for 40 people, a basketball court, complete with change rooms and a copper bath that is worth £40k, for their en suite bathroom.

We can’t wait to see the mansion. With their taste the object of our fascination, the mansion promises to be something to write home about.

Source: Channel 24