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#KoolInTheCity with PowerPlay and Kool Out


Kool In The City 2

King Kong was on fire on Sunday . . . the place was packed, the vibe was jumping and the music was LIT! That’s because PowerPlay joined forces with Kool Out, to bring us one of the baddest parties out there #KoolInTheCity!

And it was bad, it was lit and all kinds of awesome!!

To be honest, it was my first time to attend this kind of event, and having had such an amazing experience, I am pretty sure it won’t be my last.

Traditionally, Sunday is chill day for me. This past Sunday however, I was among the awesomeness, hanging out, all for the love of hip hop.

Kool In The City

After the fun I had at Back to the City, and the underground MC’s that I had the privilege to see perform, I got super excited at the thought of seeing even more underground MC’s perform for the #KoolInTheCity event.

Also, Nasty C was scheduled to perform. I get excited talking about Nasty C, because he’s the same guy that Jay Z’s Roc Nation are interested in. And who doesn’t have love for Juice Back??

Can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon (and night!).

The day was beautiful and warm, and who can resist a rooftop venue with the skyline of Joburg right in front of your eyes?

It gets even better . . . PowerPlay and Kool Out brought out some great DJ’s. At one point, one of the DJ’s played an old track by the late Paul Ndlovu, and I thought wow.

Picture this: awesome venue, great crowd, beautiful music and  great vibe!

Kool In the City 4

As great as the afternoon was, it was nothing compared to what went down later. While we spent the afternoon enjoying the DJ’s and the sound they were playing, it was at night that things were turned up a notch.

The stage was set, and emcees were ready to do their thing, thanks to PowerPlay and Kool Out for their desire to see South African music get to greater heights.

While we waited the whole afternoon in anticipation of what was to come, it was all that I was hoping for and more. And by the time Nasty C came out to do his thing, it was definitely the climax the crowd deserved.

Nasty C performing at King Kong at Kool In the City Event

Pic: BTH products Facebook

Thank you PowerPlay for taking an interest in South African music, #KoolInTheCity was too dope!

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