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Lalla Hirayama opens up about her breakup with Chris Nkosi

Lalla Hirayama opens up about her breakup with Chris Nkosi

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Lalla Hirayama has opened up about her breakup from her boyfriend of 5 years, Chris Nkosi. She revealed that they tried just about everything to make the relationship work, to no avail.

On CliffCentral on Ladies Round Table with Arye Kellman, they spoke about relationships, which led to the topic of cheating.

On the show, Lalla was with Ayanda Thabethe and Tamerin Jardine, and as they were talking about Beyonce and Jay Z, whose marriage is in the spotlight since Beyonce called him out for cheating in her new album Lemonade, the conversation turned to Lalla and her relationship with Chris.


Lalla said they had tried working on their relationship and tried to save it, they did couple’s therapy, they tried getting help from their parents, they even tried watching DVD’s but it all didn’t work.

During the conversation, Lalla also kind of admitted that Chris had cheated on her. When the issue of cheating got into the conversation, Lalla said, “Many of us have been cheated on. The reason why I don’t like to talk about being cheated on is because I come across as bitter. People are like ‘oh Lalla, let it go’.”

Lalla split from Chris after 5 years of being together!


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