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Let The Past Go


let the past go

Is your past haunting you, do you drag everything that happened to you long ago into your life right now?

Are you still carrying the anger that was caused by someone who mistreated you years ago? Are you still feeling sorry for yourself because someone treated you worse than you thought you deserved?

You need to let it go!

Because if you don’t, it will follow you everywhere you go, and it will taint everything that you do. You will never see how blessed you are right now because you are still focused on your past, you are still looking at your rear view mirror instead of focusing on today and what you have.

There is no reason for you to go through your life disappointed and hurt about what happened in your life in the past. If you just allow yourself to make way for new memories, things would improve.

Stop focusing on your hurts, your disappointments, the things that keep you discouraged and depressed. Instead, look around you and decide to give yourself a chance to be happy again.

Make way for new memories. Yes, what happened to you  was unfair. Yes you did not deserve it. Yes it shook your life and maybe it made you not want to go on anymore, but the truth is, you are here.

YOU are still here, which means there are better days coming your way.

It hurt you so deeply, so badly! But don’t you want something better for yourself?

What do you get by thinking about it everyday, every second?


 Give it to God! He knows what you went through, He knows how unfair it was for you, and He knows that it hurt you really bad. So, give it to Him. He will take care of it for you!

Dare to believe that tomorrow is a brand new day. Dare to believe that you too will get your day when you are smiling and are happy.

It’s enough, you have carried the hurt for too long. Let it go!


Today, right NOW!


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