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Letting Go – 5 Health Benefits of Forgiveness




I love this quote from Buddha : “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

It’s really like holding on to poison and hope the other person gets sick from it. Holding on to a grudge causes you pain, while the person that you are hating on is living their life, sometimes unaware that you are hating on them.

Holding a grudge is one of the poisonous things that you can do to yourself. Not only does your emotional self sufferers, physically your body also strains.

Instead of holding onto to negative things, why not choose to forgive the people who hurt you. Not only will a heavy weight be lifted off you, you will feel free.

If you are wondering what forgiveness is about, it is really letting go of the anger that you feel towards someone who has hurt you, letting go of the negative feelings that you have towards them.

So, check out :

The Benefits of Forgiveness

1. Low stress levels – I am sure you know the effect stress can have on you and your health. No one can function properly when they are stressing, so when you forgive someone, you are less stressed as you focus on the positive rather than the negative.

2. Forgiveness makes your heart more healthy – Being angry and harboring feelings of anger is really bad for the heart and it makes you agitated. Letting go of the anger however gives you a healthier heart, and a calmness that you would not have if you stay in a place of anger.

3. Forgiving someone relieves pain – Let me put it this way, staying in anger is painful for you and your heart. Being in a place of happiness becomes almost an impossibility, just because you have decided to give someone power over how you are going to feel.

4. Lowers your blood pressure – a lower blood pressure is something that you can benefit from, if you decide to forgive someone and focus on your life.

5. It extends your life – not only can it make you live longer, you get to live an even happier life.

Why would you want to go through your life unhappy and sad? The person whom you are angry at does not have a problem, at least not a problem that has something to do with you.

Give yourself a chance at happiness and a healthier life, and let go of someone who hurts you!


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