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Gospel star Lundi Tyamara to sing live at the Lyric Theatre


Rolling with Lundi Tyamara

Gospel music fans are in for a treat, to hear gospel music sensation Lundi Tyamara sing live.

This is happening at the Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City, when he will record his DVD live, on the 29th August.

It truly is a treat, because this is Lundi’s live DVD recording to take place in over 10 years.

Lundi, who has a voice that has captured audiences all over Mzansi, has had a really successful music career, that was masked by controversy at times. 18 years ago, South Africa had a chance to experience gospel music’s golden boy, through his hit Mphefumlo Wami.

Lundi has 14 albums and two compilations under his belt, which is pretty impressive by all standards.

Speaking about his live DVD recording, he says he is super excited.

“I thank God that he keeps me evergreen and I want all my fans to descend on the Lyric Theatre to see and hear for themselves that I still have what it takes,” Lundi said.

Lundi has a new album, called The New Testament, and though he will be performing some songs from this new album, he will also treat his loyal fans to his old tracks, like Bulelani kuJehova, Nomasekutheni and Modimo Ha A Le Teng.

“I feel good that this DVD is finally coming to fruition. As a recording artist I have been baffled by the fact that I only have one DVD after all these years. I’ve always wanted to record more so I’m happy that at my new stable I’m allowed to do what I like,” Lundi said.

Lundi acknowledges that it is because of his fans that he has been so successful throughout the years.

Source: Daily Sun

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