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How to Make Him Fall in Love With You



If you have done any kind of dating, you may have realized that finding a great guy is not that easy. But, that does not mean that they aren’t out there.

If you are looking to catch the eye of a great guy, these tips will come in very handy.

How to Make Him Fall in Love With You

Be yourself – Do not be somebody else just to get a guy to fall in love with you, because in the end he will find out the real you. If you are not being yourself, you must remember that a guy is not really falling in love with you, because you are trying to be someone else. Rather be yourself, so that when he does fall in love with you, it is really you that he is falling in love with.

Optimize your looks – Accentuate the great features that you have. Make sure your hair is up to date and done nicely, use some make up, get an outfit or two. Lose some weight if you need to. Just let your best features shine through, and smile. When you look good, you will feel great about yourself and you will feel confident.

Listen when he talks – listen to him as he shares parts of his life. Let him control the conversation and reel you in as he tells you his life stories and asks about yours. Laugh at his jokes too, even if some are stupid and boring.

Laugh – laugh a lot and smile. It makes you fun to be around and it makes you look really beautiful. It also makes you friendly. And as I said, laugh at his jokes, it will make him feel great about himself.

Be a happy positive person – have a great attitude about life. Nobody wants to be around someone who’s negative, who’s always complaining and who’s always looking at the wrong things.

Be sweet – girls are not always sweet, and they can be b*tchy to each other,especially when they are with their other girlfriends. But that will not get you the attention of the guy you want. Guys like girls that are sweet, so lose that b*tchiness if you are hoping that you can be with the guy of your dreams.

Flirt – flirting can help you land the guy of your dreams. Just like girls, guys love attention from women, so shower him with attention and make him feel really good. Flirt with your eyes.

Be uniquely you – be different. Don’t just be another girl, be a girl that stands out, in a good way of course. Be intelligent, talk about news worthy topics, be charming and he will remember you and you will stand out in his mind.

Initiate physical contact – guys love it when a woman touches them, it shows that she is liking him. So, touch the guy you like when you can. Not in a sexual way, but a light touch to the hand is good enough. This is just to have that initial contact.

Let him be free – do not ever try to tie a guy to a leash, because he will disappear as fast as he came.  Let him have the time that he needs to spend with his boys, playing sports that he loves or doing whatever he loves to do. It’s important for him to know that you are not trying to tie him down.

Let him call you – let him chase you, and playing hard to get is a good thing. Guys should not get things just handed to them, they love the chase, so let him be the one calling you, for the most part. A call now and again is ok, but let him do the work to get you.

Don’t be desperate – Guys love confident women, and even if deep down you know you are not that confident, just act like you are. Women who are desperate are a turn off, a huge turn off, so do not act desperate. Be confident, as guys love confident women who know their worth.

Be a girl that can be trusted – A little trust is great, as guys like women that they can trust. Don’t tell your girlfriends everything about your new guy and everything that happens in the relationship, especially when you know that your girls have big mouths on them. This way you can be sure that nothing you say gets back to him, which can make him question you.

Be mysterious – have a little mystery about you. Don’t leave everything bare and don’t reveal all. Mystery makes you want to learn more about someone, which is exciting.

Be supportive of him – and be supportive of what he doing in his life. Be supportive of the things he does or likes, he will definitely appreciate that.

Don’t give it out so quickly – Do not be those kind of girls who just give it out so easily, give it time before you have sex with him or engage in heavy petting. For most guys, it’s about the chase and sex, and if you want him to respect you and make him realize that you are a special woman, don’t give it up too quickly.

Use these tips to make any guy fall in love with you!

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