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How to Make Her Smile – 9 Ways to Make Her Smile



Guys, if you have a great woman in your life, you should at least to try to make her smile and to make her happy. Girls are really not as complicated as guys think they are, sometimes it’s really the little things that count.

So, here are ways to make her smile:

Ways to Make Her Smile

Send her cute messages – messages that will give her that mushy feeling inside . This works great when she is asleep and you know that she will get the message first thing in the morning. Getting a sweet message from you will wake her up on a great note and give her a great start of the day.

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Treat her great – whether it’s just the two of you or when you are in public or when you are around your friends. This will make her feel great, and it will be showing just who she is in your life and how you feel about her.

Compliment her – tell her she looks beautiful . . . you will see how she pays you for that!

Let her know that you are thinking about her – Whether it is a phone call or a text message, it is a great way to let her know that she is in your thoughts. That will definitely put a smile on her face, and more.

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Hug her from behind – there is something special about a hug from behind, that makes one feel loved. It’s beautiful, part of it probably because it is unexpected and so warm :).

Hold her in public – this shows her that you are proud to be with someone like her, that you are not ashamed and that you could care less who sees you.

Buy her some flowers or a chocolate or both – This is a great gesture to do a little something for her. Women love chocolate, and they love flowers. Do this for no reason at all, just because you can, and not because she is mad at you. Make an effort to woo her every chance you get.

Give her a massage – Whether it is a foot massage, a back massage, neck massage, she will appreciate it to no end. It will do more than put a smile on her face, she too will want to do something nice for you.

Put her picture on your phone – as a screen saver. She will love it . . . I promise!

See, making your girl smile is not about spending a lot of money. In fact, most of these do not even need you to spend any money, and they will tell her that you care, and that she is special to you. Try some of these, and just see how much they improve your relationship.

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