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Mdu Masilela Pulls a Gun on his Wife


Mdu Masilela pulls a Gun on his Wife, gets Arrested

Mdu Masilela pulls a gun on his wifeKwaito legend Mdu Masilela is in the news  . . . and it’s not all that pretty. He is accused of attempted murder, after he pulled a gun on his wife.

Mdu’s marriage to his wife of many years Sarah Masilela has not all been that rosy, especially in recent years. First he was said to have had a child out of wedlock, and now, he is said to be treating his wife not so good.

According to Sunday Sun, Mdu was arrested for his latest domestic drama, where an argument ensued between him and his wife Sarah. This happened at their Sandton home, where he ended up pulling a gun on his wife.

What sparked the argument, is when his wife questioned him about a phonecall that he had received, and she demanded to know who he was speaking to on the phone. He apparently didn’t like the question, and told her off, that “nobody can control him”.

That’s about when he got  into a wild rage, and threatened to shoot her in the head. Apparently, he  also fired some shots in the air.

H is out on bail . . .

Eish . . .


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