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Metro FM’s Paul Mtirara gets married



paul mtirara and dudu

Paul Mtirara is off the market! 

According to reports, Paul is supposed to have wed PR student Duduetsang Kiti, yesterday in Pretoria. The pair are said to have been dating from 2011, and their union will start off with a traditional wedding, that will be celebrated by those closest to them . . . their family and their friends. Then, in 2015, they are planning a white wedding . . . because just about every woman wants to see herself in that white dress.

Duduetsang, who is 23, is said be to extremely excited about the union, saying, “I am so excited and at the same time I am like, finally. It shows that love prevails, after our ups and downs we have made it to this stage.”

Romantic Paul, 37, who plays all the beautiful jams on sunday on Metro FM, started his career on a small radio station, between he hit the big time with Metro.

We wish the couple the best! Love is truly a beautiful thing . . .

Image credit: www.citypress.co.za

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