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Mi Casa’s beautiful and emotional tribute to Simba Mhere


MiCasa performing at Simba Mhere's memorial service

Simba Mhere’s memorial service was today at the Rhema Bible church, and family, friends, colleagues and fans had gathered to say goodbye to this special young man, and to acknowledge the impact that he made in their lives.

Tears flowed freely at the memorial service, as people acknowledged the void that Simba has left in their lives, and all that they learned from him.

One of the most emotional and beautiful moments was when local band Micasa took to the stage, to perform the song that was made especially for Simba. They paid tribute to him, with a sing that was written especially for him.

Before performing, J-Something said, “All he ever wanted to do everytime we saw him, was join Mi Casa, so this song is especially for him.”

The performance was beautiful, emotional and sad all at the same time. The lyrics of the song made a lot of people cry, as it was about welcoming Simba home. Check the song below:

Image credits: The Juice

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