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Micasa Back With Their New Album #Familia


Micasa Back With Their New Album FamiliaJoao “J’Something” da Fonseca , Moshe “Mo-T” Kgasoane and Sipho “Dr Duda” Mphahlaza, the trio from award winning band Micasa are back with a brand new album on August 4, called Familia.

One of the most loved groups in South Africa, the band almost broke up 6 months ago, something that definitely would have devastated their fans.

The group had serious differences that they felt they just couldn’t sort out, and the breakdown in communication between the trio was so bad that they pretty much stopped communicating.

“We were actually deciding how we were gonna announce the news,” said lead singer J’Something.

“There was a huge lack of communication. We decided that if we don’t talk, this family which we call Mi Casa is going to break up. We thrashed everything out, spoke openly and decided that the band was everything and we can’t give up now,” said trumpeter Mo-T.

After the band sat down and spoke about their challenges and issues, they sorted things out and decided that they were going to stay together as a band, and as the brothers that we have come to know.

And they got back into the studio and started creating the magic that we know them for.

“We are coming out with our fourth album, titled Familia, which means family. I come from a broken family, we were going to be a broken family. But we decided to keep it together. We are a unit and will not let anything come between us,” said J’Something.

The trio formed Micasa back in 2010 and they never looked back. And now years later, they are coming up with their 4th album. Check out their single Nana, if you have not already done so.

We can’t wait for the album to drop!



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