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Microsoft Selfie app for iOS will enhance your self-portraits


Microsoft launches its ‘Selfie’ app on iOS


Microsoft has launched a new free iOS selfie application that uses machine language to improve photos by taking gender, skin tone, age and lighting into account and beautify the entire picture. Called Microsoft Selfie, it increases skin tone, lightening and color balance by using 13 filters that add different themes to the selfie.

This is the best application to transform a simple photo into an aesthetic portrait. Other features of this application are automatic exposure, color theme, noise reduction and intelligent enhancement. It has a feature that can even detect the age of the subject from a photo. Microsoft apps store already has an application “How do I look?” that allows you to scan the image and guess the age of the person.

This Microsoft Selfie app, however, gives no way to the users to share their edited images on social networking sites. It can be downloaded from the app store and weighs around 56.9 megabytes. The app is compatible with iOS 8.0 and other latest operating systems.

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