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Never Allow Fear to Dictate Your Life


never allow fear to dictate your heart

Never Allow Fear to Dictate Your Life

I am sure you have experienced fear in your life, when you were in the process of doing something great or brave.

As real as that fear seems, it is something that you choose to give power to, and it is self imposed. No one can cause you to fear something, it only comes inside of you because you are too focused on what could go wrong or how you are going to mess up or if it does not work out. Fear causes bondage, it causes you to get stuck because you are fearful of taking that first step.

So in essence, we choose to allow fear to rule over us and dictate what we are going to do.

Because you are choosing fear, you can surely choose to not let it get to you. You have the power to go beyond that fear and choose to do something powerful with it.

The only good thing with fear is that it can show you the potential of things to happen and at times it can even warn you of dangers that you can be weary of. Fear can help you with preparation, which is not a bad thing.

The problem is that people get stuck in that moment instead of going forward. You can only move forward and achieve great things if you face your fear and move beyond it. By going where you are afraid, by facing your fear and allowing your self confidence to sky rocket.

Fear gives you the possibility to rise up, find yourself and take huge strides in moving forward.

What do you fear?

Whatever it is, face it, look it in the eye and get that power to move beyond it! You have it in you!


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