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Nomuzi Mabena starts her own record label


Nomuzi Mabena starts her own record label- Nomuzi Mabena Music

Nomuzi Mabena starts her own record label

A few months we got a shock when we learned that Skhanda Queen Nomuzi Mabena parted ways with CashTime Life . . . But it’s all good because Nomuzi Mabena is starting her own record label.

This means that she will be releasing new music, under her own label.

Fans don’t have to wait too long for new music from Nomuzi, as word has it will be releasing a track this August.

Slikour revealed on his blog that he got a message from Sbuda Roc last week, that Nomuzi is recording new music.

“So last night I got a shout from Sbuda just to notify me that the Nomoozie slaughter is on the way. We can expect new music from the lady on 10 August and the label that cuts the cheques is called Nomuzi Mabena Music‚” Slikour announced.

It will be interesting to see which other artists Nomuzi brigs over to her stable, and the kind of music that she will be focusing on.

Interesting times for South African music . . .



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