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Nonhle Thema Entangled in a Nightclub Spat


nonhle thema

Nonhle Thema was reportedly involved in a bit of a spat that happened in a night club. This happened in Botswana, where apparently she made some comments that some people didn’t like very much, that they found to be rude and controversial.

Nonhle was accompanied by Khanyi Mbau, after they got an invitation from Cigar Lounge Club at the Phakalane Resort.

It is reported that Nonhle was overheard saying some horrible comments about Botswana women. According to a source, she was heard saying that Botswana women are ‘skinny, ugly and infected with Aids’.

The source said people took offense when she made the assumption that Botswana women were infected with Aids. It seems Nonhle got lucky, because most of the women in the club did not hear those comments, as the source says if they had had, they would have dealt with her immediately. She would have been in a lot of trouble.

It is also reported that she behaved like a diva and was rude.

Nonhle has since denied all these allegations, saying that she was on the phone with her boyfriend, who is overseas. Ya neh!

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