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Numerous Challenges Slow 2016 Olympic’s Ticket Sales


Tickets to the RIO 2016 Olympics aren’t selling well


Pic: cnn.com

The 2016 Summer Olympics are slated to start in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro on August 5th. Despite that date being just 4 months away, the Brazilian government is already worried about the turnout figures. As it turns out, only 50% of the tickets have been sold so far. Even worse, ticket sales for the Summer Paralympics which are to be held in same location from Sep 7 are at a meager 12%.

So why the slow sales? The 2016 Olympics has been marred by numerous challenges right from the onset. Top among them is security fears. Secondly, Brazil is undergoing a wave of political instability with a plot to impeach the sitting president Dilma Rousseff already in the works. Just two days ago, the then minister for sports George Hilton resigned and was replaced by Ricardo Leyser. Still on the challenges, the event has received insufficient marketing, partly due to the ongoing recession which has cut the preparation budget for the event. To add to that, fears about the zika virus are rife among potential tourists.

As it stands, the Brazilian government is mulling improving branding for the event and even distributing free tickets to school goers.

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