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Online Dating: 3 Reasons why you need a profile picture


online_dating profile picture

Thinking of trying out online dating? Perhaps you have tried it before and it didn’t quite workout?

The thing is, if you are going to do online dating to try and find love, then you need a profile picture. And not just any old picture, a really cute one, the best one you have.

A profile picture for your online dating profile can determine how much success you get. Here’s why:

You need a profile picture for online dating

People want to chat to someone they can see

It’s not that much fun to chat to someone who you have no idea how they look like. In fact, chances are, if you send a message to someone without a picture, they won’t even respond. There is excitement in seeing how someone looks on the other end, so no matter how captivating you may be in your conversations, a profile pic will determine just how far the conversations go.

A picture says a lot more about you than words can

Imagine trying to describe yourself to someone, especially your physical attributes? Isn’t it better to have a picture do all the work for you. Mind you, it will delight the person that you are talking to. Your picture will say much more about you than any words that you can use, and if possible, use more pictures of yourself that capture you from different angles.

You have a better chance of getting the attention of a potential lover

Those who search through dating sites looking for potentially interesting matches, will give you no time of day, without a profile picture. People search with the intention of seeing someone interesting, and without that interesting picture, they will just let your profile pass by. A picture will help you stand out, and it can help you catch the attention of someone that you can hit it off with.


With so many people trying out online dating to find love, make sure that your profile has all the elements needed to make you stand out. A profile picture is a must have. Make sure you use a recent picture you, and use it to catch Mr or Miss Right!

Image credit: Wing Girl Method

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