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7 Online Dating rules for women


Online Dating rules For Women

Online dating is the norm now, and many people are finding love interests through online dating.

If you are a woman, and you are looking to meet a genuine guy online, then you need to know how to do online dating without scaring him off, and without you giving him the wrong idea about you.

How to win and meet that great guy online

Don’t respond to all men who contact you

You must know that there will be guys on line who are just looking for fun, and have no intention for anything like a relationship.

If you get a message from a guy, that is too general, so general in fact that it becomes obvious that he didn’t even bother to read your profile, then ignore him. If he just sends you one of those poke messages, where he is not even bothered to take time and write you a proper sentence  to show his interest on you, then you have no business responding to that guy.

A guy who is serious about meeting a great woman online will take it seriously, and he will make the effort to approach you properly.

Don’t waste too much of your time responding to guys who have no profile picture

A profile picture online is everything . . . well almost everything. A guy who will send you an email without a picture has made some effort, but without that picture, how far can you really go with him. You need to let him know asap that you too are looking to see how he looks like. A simple response like “would love to see a picture” is enough response for him. No matter how interesting or amazing he sounds, don’t waste your time communicating with a faceless guy.

Don’t tell him you checked his profile

It’s online dating, so obviously you are going to check his profile and learn all that you can about a potential love interest. However, he doesn’t need to know all that detail, especially in the beginning when you are just getting to know each other. When he sends an email, just write back to him, addressing whatever questions he may have asked, and get to know him better.

Don’t use his profile to ask him personal questions

From  a guy’s profile, you will be able to see if he is divorced, widowed or whatever else is going on in his life, if he is honest. However, if you find out that he is divorced, don’t start asking him about his divorce and his ex wife. That will just make him question the kind of woman you are.

Unless he brings it up, don’t question him about those things, especially not via email. Those topics will come up once you meet face to face for actual dates.

Don’t keep emailing a guy that keeps ignoring you

If you email a guy, and he didn’t bother to respond, just leave it be. Don’t email him a second time, because he saw your first email and decided to not respond to it. A guy who values a woman won’t ignore an email, so if the guy you like does that, he is trying to tell you something. Don’t email him a second time.

Stay away from whining

Yes, we all have bad days, and we want to share those experiences with someone. But pouring it all out for a guy online that you are trying to know is not the best idea. For one, you will be giving a ‘window’ to the relationship you are going to have, and no guy wants to be around a woman who is whining or nagging. Nobody wants to hear problem after problem, especially in the beginning.

Don’t be desperate

Yes, you may have been lonely for a long time and you may be looking to settle down. But don’t scare the guy away with commitment talk, marriage, baby talk or any of those things. You may be liking the guy a lot and you want to meet him asap, but let the guy be the guy and let him be the one to ask you out and stuff. Don’t be soo desperate that you let him see just how over eager you are.


Dating online is not that different to dating traditionally. You need to be able to see good guys, those that will be in it for real and those who will want to get you know you better. You need to love yourself to not let guys just play with you.

We hope these tips will help you navigate the online dating world.

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