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Oscar Pistorius unhappy about appeal ruling


Oscar Pistorius

Yesterday, Judge Thokozile Masipa granted the state leave of appeal for Oscar Pistorius conviction, and it is reported that Oscar didn’t take the news too well.

With the state challenging his conviction, there are chances that he can be convicted of murder, which comes with some serious implications.

For one, it means he would be guilty of murder. That means that his 5 year sentence would also have to change, and a minimum sentence for murder carries with it a minimum sentence of 15 years in jail.

Times Live has reported that the blade runner was not too impressed when he heard the news yesterday.

He apparently lost his temper, a fellow prisoner at Kgosi Mampuru where Oscar is held told the paper.

“He was listening to it [Judge Thokozile Masipa’s ruling] on the radio. He got up and stomped. He went straight to the gym. He started lifting weights like it was going out of fashion. He is p***ed off,” the prisoner said.

“Who wouldn’t be? He was definitely expecting to be out by August,” added the inmate.

For the crime that he committed and the way he was negligent in the killing of Reeva, a lot of people felt the sentence he got was too lenient for him to only spend 10 months in jail.

Hope justice can be better served this time.

Image credit: The Guardian

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